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Brief history of our temple :-

The Main founder of the temple was Tadikonda buchivira Bhadraiya Ayyavar.Buchi Veera Bhadraiya had 6 sons. They are Mallikarjuna Ayyavar, Ramalingam Ayyavar, Kedara Lingam Ayyavar, Subbarao Ayyavar, Veera Bhadraiya Ayyavar, Chinna Veera Mallaya Ayyavar.These six brothers took up the construction of the temple in Saidepudi (earlier Village name was “Veera Bhadra Puram”) in 1947 as per their father’s wish. The temple was completed by them, but due to several reasons the consecration of Idols were delayed.

On 9th February1957 the cermony for consecration of Idols was held in Auspicious time. The consecration of Shivalinga Idol Was conducted by Veera Bhadrayya Ayyavar and his consort Seethamma Garu.Ramalingam, the son of Veerabhadrayya, closely looked after the arrangements of the Shiva Linga COnsecration. The installation of Shiva temple Peak(Shikara)was conducted by Ramalingeswara Rao (the second son of Chinna Veera Mallaiah Ayyavar) & his wife Swarajya Lakshmi. The Idol consecration of Goddess(Amma) was carried out by Kedaralingam Ayyavar’s son Purna Parvatheesam and his wife Kamakshamma.

Amba Malleswara Vara Prasad garu played a very prominent role in bringing the shiva linga from the Kashi Kshetra to Saidepudi. The Idol of Lord Veerabhadra was consecrated by Janda Bhadrayya.

When The Idol, Shiva Linga was Brought from the Holy place Kashi Kshetra it was placed in Saidepudi River. Amba Mallikarjuna Rao (who was the second son-in-law of Kedara lingam Ayyavar) took the responsibility and care of the Idol & safeguarded it Until the Idol consecration was done.

In 1967 a Notice has been served By Endowment Board stating to handover the temple. Chinna Veera mallaiah Ayyavar who fought in the court and won the right to continue this temple as a lineage. Court verdict was positive on 12th January 1969. It is believed that Veera Mallaiah sacrificed his own farm in order to achieve this right.

In June 1975, Again the height of Goddesses Amma’s idol was reduced and re-consecrated. New flag pole consecration,Buchi Veerabhadrayya, the third son of Chinna Veera Mallaiah, who consecrated the flag pillar, with his wife Sharadamba. Veerabhadraya’s son Ramalingam garu had put a lot of efforts in selecting the single trunk of the tree required for the flagpole in 1975 and carried it to the temple with great care in bullock cart.Collective upanayana program, Nava Graha consecration, Veerabhadra Street Pelleram & other programs was Gloriously held. Buchi Veera Bhadraiya Garu (the third son of Chinna Veera Mallaiah Ayyavar) was responsible for the planning and management of these programs.Purna Parvatheesham and Kamakshamma couple organized the re-consecration program of Godessess parvathi again.Those who did the Nava Graha Pratishthas were Pathaneni Venkata Surya Prakasa Raogaru and Gangamma couple.(Prakash Rao was the second son-in-law of Chinna Veera Mallaiah Ayyavar)

After that Tadikonda Rajabai Rava Anandya Garu (second son of Tadikonda Punnaiah) and Mallikharjuna Prasad (grandson of Kedara Lingam Ayyavar) who made special efforts for the development of the temple.

Kashinadhuni Durga Nageswara Rao, who is the brother of Chinna Vira Mallaiah’s consort Durga Vardhani, himself performs Nava Varana Archanas for the goddess during Dussehra. Later he became the chief priest in Ammavari Temple in Srisaila Devasthanam and now he is leading a retired life at the age of 98 years.Kedara Lingam’s brother Mallampalli Subrahmanyam donated Makara Toranam and Naga Bharanam.

From the year 2004, the annual Kalyan mahotsavam started under the leadership of Mallikarjuna Prasad, Naga Mallikarjuna Veera Bhadra Prasad (grandson of Veera Bhadraya Ayyava).

In 2006 Temple Diamond Jubliee was held with great grandeur. These programs were organized under the supervision of Tadikonda Naga Durga Mallikharjuna Prasad, all held together.On December 31, 2006, the Aho Ratra Abhishekam performed for Swami was special. On December 31, 2006, the Aho Ratra Abhishekam performed for Swami was special.

In 2009, Nava Chandi Homams were started in Dussehra with the initiative of Durga Mallikarjuna Prasad (son of Chinna Veera Mallaya) with the inspiration of Amma.

In 2022, with the divine blessings of Swami and Amma, Maha Rudra with Shata Chandi Yagam were held for 10 days with Yajneniks, Brahma, and 40 Ritviks for the temple development and welfare of the world. So far in the history of the temple an amazing moment has been discovered.

Veerabhadra Street Pelleram Mahotsavam was also held with great splendor under the leadership of Thotla Vallur Varytyulu resident Lenka Uma Maheswaram.

In the early 1960s, Chandramouli Garu, the son of Ambamalleswara Vara Prasad of Kashinadhu, rendered special services in the temple Kainkaryam.

Raja Chandrasekhar Prasad, eldest son of Poorna Parvatheesam presented silver ornaments to Amma on 12.7.2022.

A Single couple of nagas Idol consecration was done by chinnaveera malayya’s 4th son Mallikarjun Prasad & his consort bharati. The second couple of Nagas Idol Consecration was done by Srimati Ammalu, the niece of Venkata Surya Prakasam.

The consecration of lord hanuman Idol was done by chinna veera malayya’s grand son Chaganti Suryanarayana Visvesvara Rao & his consort Mahalaxmi garu.In 2005. Ivaturi Veera Subrahmanyam Nagadurgamalleshwari (who is the daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law of Chinna Veera Mallaiah) couple made a brass coating for the Dwaja Sthambam.